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Smart Investing is Essential to Outperform the Inflation & Achieve your Personal and Lifestyle Goals.

Product Insights

  • Goal Based Investing
  • Portfolio Blend
  • IndoSIP
  • Deep research based model portfolios
  • Tailor made portfolios
  • Family Account
  • Goal Based Investing

    Goal based planning can lead to a 15% increase in utility-adjusted wealth when compared to a traditional approach to financial planning. - by David Blanchett, Head of Retirement Research for Morningstar Investment Management. Above all it motivates you & adds direction to your investments.
  • Portfolio Blend

    Picking best funds is not enough - you have to blend them in a complimentary way to achieve portfolio success. This feature will help you back-test instruments & analyse whether the overall portfolio allocation match your risk profile & returns expectations.
  • IndoSIP

    Now you never have to cancel your SIP in emergency situations, as you can simply pause IndoSIP for a certain period. You can also step up or step down the SIP amount in any given month depending upon your financial situation.
  • Deep research based model portfolios

    Simply follow our model portfolios to achieve your financial success in most hassle-free way. These model portfolios are built using rigorous research and are powered with Artificial Intelligence to help you sail through every market scenario successfully.
  • Tailor made portfolios

    Answer the scientifically designed set of psychometric questions through an interactive UI to help us understand your behaviour towards financial markets, your financial literacy, and financial situation to create tailor-made portfolios just for you to help you achieve financial success
  • Family Account

    Track all your family investments and check whether all your family goals are on track under a single login.

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