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What do we provide?

Cash-flow Management

Entities that do not value good cash management may not be able to make the investments needed to compete, or they may have to pay more to borrow money. We provide you with tools for efficient cash flow management that facilitates investment of surplus cash into debt mutual funds maximizing profitability of your business.


We, as an entity understand the importance of liquidity in your assets. So, we suggest funds as per your cash flow requirement. On redemption the money will be credited in your bank account within two days.

Corporate Treasury

If you are running a corporate, we have a dedicated institutional desk for premier clients just like you. Our team of experts will help you with customized treasury solutions specific to the nature of your business including any seasonality in your cash flows.

Better Returns

Your surplus cash in your bank current account will fetch 0% interest, while the same amount if invested in debt mutual funds can earn 7%-10% returns for you.

Tax Benefits

If you are keeping extra cash in bank fixed deposits, your interest in taxed at corporate tax rate. However, debt mutual funds, if held for 3 years enjoy indexation benefits significantly reducing your tax burden on interest income

Ease of process

Now, you can schedule instructions for investment and withdrawal for varied timeframes and enjoy the technology working for you optimizing yields for the last mile. No more juggling between several fixed deposits and hassles of renewing them or liquidating them and no more need of remembering dates or visiting bank branches for the same.

What do we do?

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Why Do you need us

Who doesn’t like to make best out of their money? But is it so easy to analyse the investment options, take care of returns & liquidity at the same time?

An entity can achieve this by planning the cash flows right & putting the idle cash at work. We provide you with the tools & investment options backed by our research that helps you achieve higher return on investments.

Good leaders know when to do it on own and when to seek expert services. Self medication can very dangerous, so we consult a doctor for health case . Investment is as important as your health care. Soas the leader of your business/organisation, you can use our platform to increase efficiency in cash management & improve profitability of your business/organization.

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