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Over the past few years, the role of the bank’s treasury has evolved. The treasury now encompasses wider responsibilities and increased collaboration to shape the bank’s strategy. Technology, knowledge and experience play a key role in this aspect. Today, technology is more relevant than ever and allows treasury managers to operate in 3 dimensions simultaneously managing profitability, liquidity and risk. Stay Ahead in Treasury Management with the right technology.

Indoinvesting’s treasury management solutions improve your treasury performance and enhance monitoring and reporting, and make risk management more effective. Leveraging more than 20 years’ experience in treasury and capital markets technology, we help you to extend your business capabilities and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Our Solutions

Asset Liability Management

– 360 degree view of ALM
– Risk Management
– Liquidity Management

Portfolio Rebalancing

– Shorter end of the yield curve or longer end of the yield curve
– Entry & Exits of Securities
– Re-categorization between HTM & AFS

Bond Market Analysis

– Scenario & Interest rate sensitivity Analysis
– Yield Curve Analysis
– Bond Pricing Engine

Why Do you need us

IndoInvesting provides sophisticated tools for treasury function that’s at the heart of a bank.

Treasury Management is a complex problem that requires 360 degree understanding of Fixed Income Market, rules from regulatory bodies (RBI), bank’s internal guidelines and ideally must be linked with Asset-Liability Management (ALM) of a bank. We offer a technological marvel to assist you in your day-to-day role as a treasury manager that extends to profitability, liquidity, and risk management

Key highlights include:

  • Unique product that helps in you in ALM linked investments decisions
  • Deep insights related to portfolio rebalancing of SLR and Non-SLR portfolios
  • Comprehensive scenario analysis to analyze possible future events by considering alternative possible outcomes.
  • Unique interface bringing liquidity, risk, and profitability together in one screen
  • Bond pricing engine to help you understand theoretical price vs. Trading price, sensivities and coupon schedule of a bond.
  • Generation of Structural Liquidity Statement and many other reports for reporting, compliance or analysis purpose.

Master the transformation and accelerate with technology in treasury management!

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